1. The type of web hosting service offered

Do you have technical knowledge when it comes to website building? Are you in need of your own infrastructure, and more control over your website and server? Will it be easier for you to let the web hosting firm to take the lead in website maintenance? Ask yourself these questions.

Check which one is for you–VPS, fully managed, dedicated or shared hosting?

2. Features

Functionality is crucial for any type of website. You need to utilize the best features so you can “future-proof” your platform. Look into the features different potential web hosts are offering.

Choosing among the web hosting companies in Malaysia can be overwhelming, so do extensive research, if needed.

3. Support

Is the web hosting company based in Malaysia or overseas? Is the office open 24/7? Just in case anything unexpected happens to your web pages, you need to be able to find solutions quickly.

Whether that is a DNS attack or other technical error, a dedicated team should be available to help you anytime of the day by phone, chat or email.

4. Server location

Server location is an important factor to consider when choosing a host. Some hosting providers allow their clients to pick their own data center location. The benefits of choosing your own data center are better performance and speed. Themes, large scripts and resource-heavy websites can influence how quick a web page can load. These elements play a crucial role in website performance.

5. Security

The kind of security you need depends on the type of website you have. Check if your potential web hosts can met all of your expectations, when it comes to keeping your web pages secure.

The internet is promising, but it can also be a rough neighborhood. It’s best to take all of the appropriate measures in order to protect your website and server.