When you own a website, you only have 5 seconds to entice your audience to stay and hopefully, convert them into customers. All of the professional web design agencies are aware of this.

Finding out the best ways to implement web design trends is key. Below are just some essential tips that you can follow:

Create a Plan

What is your end goal? Is it to have a medium where you can provide the people with information? Or are you going to create a website for your business so that you can sell your products online?

Whatever it is, you have to create a plan of action. Think about how you will do things so that you have a direction moving forward.

Remove Clutter

The people who are going to visit your site will not know what it contains until they peruse it for 5 seconds or less. That is why it is important that you remove all of the unnecessary elements and just include the ones that matter the most.

Things like overly complicated design themes, laggy scrolling animations, long videos, and stocky website images are just some that you shouldn’t include on the landing page.

Make Your Call-to-Action Clear

A call-to-action (CTA) has the sole purpose of telling the user what to do next. Things like “click here for a free ebook” or “buy now” are just some examples of it.

If you have a CTA button, make sure to tell people what it does. It also has to stand out a bit so choose a suitable color for the button to make it more prominent.

Use Your Own Photographs

There are plenty of stock image websites online where you can download all of the relevant photos for use on your website.

However, the problem with such websites is that all of the images that you get from them are not “genuine” in the sense that anybody can just grab the same photos as you have.

So, when posting relevant photos, make sure to use your own photographs to give users an air of authenticity when reading through your site’s content.

Make Your Site Navigation Simple

Isn’t it frustrating when you have to do a lot of things just to get to where you’re headed online? For this reason, you have to employ measures to ensure that your site navigation will be as simple as possible. In other words, make sure that your content can be accessed in just a few clicks or taps.

Don’t Be Afraid to Make Your Homepage Long

Your homepage is one of the most important sections of your website. On it, you should put some elements that can benefit your audience.

For instance, you could put some overview of the different products and services that you offer, a short introduction video, and even some customer testimonials as well.

But, keep it a point to implement these things in a nice way so as to not make your homepage convoluted and disorganized.

White Space is a Good Thing

Those blank areas all around your website are considered as “White Space” and you should not be afraid of them. In fact, it is necessary that you have them all over your site. This is an area where people can relax a bit and then continue on with your content. This same area is also where you can put emphasis on some of your highlighted content.

Optimize Your Site for Mobile Users

Smartphone users are on the rise every year and they use those devices to access the internet, including your website. You have to make it a point to make your website as mobile-friendly as possible so that people will not hesitate to go back whenever they please.

Search Engine Optimization Should Be Applied

You want your website to be found and the thing is, you have stiff competition. So, you have to employ some SEO strategies to help you get found.

Things like, creating stellar content, using keywords on your title and headings, and putting some video content, are just some things that can help you increase your page rankings.

Always Test Your Site

It is important that you frequently update your site. Look for old pages and see if they are still working, create content frequently, and always be on the lookout for new web design trends that you can implement on your website.