Ground Source Heat – Dallas

This home in Dallas has high-performance windows, an 18,000-gallon cistern and a spray-foam insulation that can collect rain runoff straight from the roof. What’s even more interesting is that it also has mechanized window treatments which are set on timers, in order to sync with the movement of the sun, and then optimize cooling and heating all throughout the day.

Efficient Overhaul – Toronto

This house is owned by a licensed architect named Sabrina Esser. Sabrina clad her home’s brick exterior with a customized rain screen system, allowing her to get quality insulation standards without sacrificing her interior living space. The home also uses a radiant floor heating system.

Solar Powered Home – Oregon

Are you thinking of installing solar panels to your home? Reach out to a top architecture firm in Kuala Lumpur, and introduce them to the features of this home, in order to serve as reference. The owners installed solar panels on the roof facing the south, and also acquired a solar hot water heater.

Radiant Heat – Massachusetts

In Massachusetts, an area with freezing, cold winters and humid, hot summers, the cooling and heating costs can be really expensive. This house has an effective radiant heat floor system, and a set of south-facing windows that collect solar heat.

LEED Leader – Utah

This amazing Utah residence has earned Utah’s first ever LEED-H Silver certification. It has a compact footprint, fire-resistant exterior and energy efficient elements. Its owners, Anne Mooney and John Sparano, analyzed the site for more than a year, but at the end of the day, all is worth it.