If you are expecting a child anytime soon, you’ve probably read up about a lot of things for becoming the best parent to your baby.
Perhaps, you’ve been reading stuff about the baby clothes that your toddler must wear, what stroller you’re going to buy, among many other things.

In your pursuit to finding out what’s best for your baby, you’ve probably come across the tip that you can wear a baby sling to help you “wear” your baby so to speak.

Well, getting a baby wrap or a sling can actually do wonders for your relationship with your incoming infant. That is because the bond will be so much stronger and it can always be one of the best ways you can spend time with your toddler while also doing other things like cleaning the house or reading a book.

Today, I am going to impart some tips to consider when you wear your baby using a baby sling or wrap.

1. Baby Wrap Should Be Appropriate for Your Baby

When your baby is still relatively young, you must consult with their pediatrician if it is right for you to use a baby sling at their age.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends that you must speak with their doctors if it is appropriate for you to get one for babies that are under 4 months old.

2. Try Before You Buy

There are plenty of different baby slings out there. Although you can read up on recommendations about them, it is still best that you go out there and try it out for yourself (bring your baby along of course).

Once you’ve tried out a couple and you like them, do not buy them yet. Create a shortlist and look at online forums to see if it is really durable and also to ensure that those slings were not recalled by the CPSC.

3. Practice on the Floor

When you are going to use a baby sling, your center of gravity changes because there is the weight of your toddler that you have to take into account. To help you practice, you can sit on the floor and then put your baby on a sling and take it from there.

Also, it would be nice to include a stand-in to help support your baby. I recommend that you use a teddy bear for this purpose.

4. Make Sure that Your Baby is in the Proper Position

There is a certain way that you should put your baby in and all you have to remember is the ABC. A stands for “airway”. This means that when you use a baby sling, you have to make sure that you put them in an orientation that doesn’t block their air pathways.

B stands for “Body Position”. This is a reminder that your baby’s back and legs should be supported in such a way that it makes them secure and comfortable.

C stands for “Comfort”. Both you and your baby should be comfortable whenever you use a sling. If both of you are not comfortable, then you must buy a size bigger or something.

5. When Breastfeeding

Ensure that your baby’s posture and position is secure at all times. After feeding, put them in a more upright position so that they will pass gas.