Melaka is well known to tourists for its Durian, as well as its heritage buildings and colonial structures. And oh, the place is also known to be the food capital of Malaysia, so food lovers should definitely visit the place once in their life.

That being said, if you are a traveler and you want to go here, I will suggest some of the most unique (and fun) things that you can do in Melaka. Hiring an escort service is one of them, but what are the others? Do read on to find out.

Melaka Tropical Fruit Farm

Melaka’s Tropical Fruit Farm is one of the best places to go to, especially if you are into agro-tourism. The place is known to plants its own tropical fruits and they allow tourists to pick their own.

There is also a tram tour that you can get if you want to know the history, as well as other information about the said farm. While you’re on tour, you can be one with nature too. And, if you are keen enough, you can spot some of the fruits that you want to pick for later.

One of the fruits that I really love from this tropical farm is the Rambutan. It has this sweet and sour taste that I couldn’t really find in others. Although the farm is known for its vast array of tropical fruits, it also has its own mini-deer and ostriches as well. So you could say that it is part animal farm as well.

Visit the Exhibits at Shore Oceanarium

Melaka’s Shore Oceanarium is located on the shore of Malacca River and is said to be one of the newest tourist attractions in the city.

It provides fun for all ages and although it is an oceanarium, you can actually find some land animals such as hedgehogs and tarantulas (among many others) as well.

The place has a total of 12 zones that you can visit- each showcasing different marine and wildlife.

Melaka Sky Tower

If you are done going through the various zones of the Oceanarium, then I urge you to go up. In the same building, you can up to the Sky Tower to find the perfect view of Melaka.

The infamous Sky Tower not only gives you a panoramic view of the city, but it is also an architectural marvel to behold in itself.

Pahlawan Walk Market

This place should not be mistaken as an area that is part of the Philippines. Pahlawan is one of the lesser-known markets in Melaka, but it does offer something unique- trishaw rides.

For as low as RM55, you can ride any themed trishaw of your choosing. While you’re at it, you can spot many different vendors during your mini-tour.

Melaka River Cruise

If you are with your special someone, you can cap off the night by going down a relaxing and romantic boat trip down the Melaka River. You can soak in the different views and cultures during your trip.