Ask about five different architects to design a project and you will get five different designs. This is just the nature of architecture in the sense that every architect you work with has a couple of different things that they can offer that others cannot.

That being said, this makes the choice of getting a good architecture firm in Malaysia so much more difficult. Usually, such companies create varied design aesthetics, have different preferences depending on the situation, and they charge you differently depending on your demands.

Just so you know, Architecture, by its very nature, is a service-based profession. They not only create building schematics as per your specification, but they also provide consultancy services, as well as planning and project oversight as well.

So today, I will help you select an architect for your next project by providing you with some simple and useful tips.

Get Their Services

Not all architecture firms are the same. Some provide more services than others and some would specialize in a particular industry and have their own design preferences as well.

That being said, you want to get multiple quotes from different companies so that you will have an understanding of how they get things done. Also, doing this will give you a much clearer picture of how competitive this industry is, especially when we are talking about architectural design services.

Talk to Previous Clients

More established firms will give you a list of their clients. You can talk to some of their existing and previous clients so that they can give you some insight into how this particular firm operates.

View Past Work

Architects play a huge role in the construction of a building. They are the ones that will create the blueprint for which the homebuilders will follow. Poorly designed buildings are not efficient and would cost a lot more than they should.

Having said that, when you are thinking about hiring an architecture firm, it is important that you take a look at their previous work so that you will know exactly how they get things done.

Perhaps, you will find that they have integrated the HVAC well or maybe the bathrooms that they have built are carefully laid out, and many more.

Ask About the Team

The truth is that the main architect actually works with a team. It is crucial that you get to know the team leader more so that you can work with them more effectively.


So, you want to test the mettle of different architecture firms in your area and one way you can do that would be to establish a design charrette.

This is basically where you pool representatives from different architecture firms and have them design something by presenting a conundrum or a situation.

As I have alluded to earlier, if you ask a couple of architects to create designs for you, you will get very different concepts.

Understand the Firm’s Vision

Not all architecture firms are the same. Some employ more experienced architects and some employ young and more talented ones. They also have very different visions as well, which is why you need to understand them to know if they mesh with your vision or not.

Hire Another Architect

Once you have acquired the services of an architecture firm, it is best that you get another architect from another firm (or an independent one) that will act as a consultant. This just ensures that everything is going to be streamlined and that the vetting process will provide you with some much-needed insight.