Are you thinking of planning your upcoming wedding on your own? If you are really determined to handle all the stress and meticulous work on your own, you will need the following tips from an experienced wedding & event planner. Remember, the process can be long and overwhelming, you will need some encouraging techniques.

1. Hire a wedding professional for a limited amount of time.

You may work hard for endless hours, but it is still a fact that a wedding planner can help a client save tons of time. He can negotiate certain discounts, and make valuable recommendations. Moreover, a professional knows several budget-saving locations that many clients wouldn’t consider. It is still helpful to hire a wedding coordinator, event for the first few days of planning.

2. Make sure to tackle the basic details.

Couples should have detailed timelines and strict deadlines when it comes to the most important wedding details. What kind of wedding do you want? List down all of your ideas. Your checklists can help you make quick decisions, whenever necessary. You also need to make backup plans as much as possible.

3. Know where to begin.

If you are planning to make DIY wedding items, make sure you know where to start. Base everything on your guest list and budget. Just in case something goes wrong, the best approach to cut the cost is to lessen the number of guests. That way, there would be less giveaways and beverages.

4. Be careful about hiring your close friends and relatives.

Remember that a person who is emotionally invested in that special day lacks the objective judgment that is crucial to handle the details properly. If possible, steer clear of your family and friends’ recommendations. Clearly, you will be stuck with the emotion of trying to express your dislike.

5. Utilize organizational tools and apps.

Couples who plan their wedding on their own should stay on top of receipts and invoices. There are tons of contracts and costs to deal with. You can make use of different web sharing tools such as Google docs and drive. It is the most convenient way to share important documents.

6. Be wise in hiring vendors.

Dealing with vendors is never easy, especially if you have no experience with them. Make sure to check references and online reviews. You wouldn’t want a singer who cracks off-color jokes, as well as a caterer who offers cold food.

7. Expect challenges.

Day-of logistics is a complicated matter. Wedding planners take pride on being experienced when it comes to this aspect. Who will give cues to the band and host? Who will fix the bridesmaid’s broken zipper? There are many unexpected things that may happen on the day itself. You should have a game plan for this.

8. Make sure to keep the process in perspective.

No wedding is perfect, even yours. Don’t feel bad, though. That is just one day and a single party. You just need to enjoy the wedding planning and decision-making process.