Just by brightening up your walls, using transforming furniture, making the most of mirrors, choosing the right curtains, taking into consideration your ceilings and taking into consideration a theme, you can fully revolutionize your living spaces! Here are the tips brought by the top interior design firm in Kuala Lumpur:

Use Soft Colors

For your walls, picking lighter colors, particularly soft pastels, may make the rooms look more spacious. In addition, it will create a radiant atmosphere for your home.

While for a’ clean look’ most people pick white and because it’s a’ safe choice,’ too much white actually appears bland.

Seek to use white, or light grey. You may play with bright yellow or dusty pink for a more cheerful atmosphere.

If you’re not building a wall of apps, you can frame a print or painting you really like to bring more charm to a blank wall otherwise.

Family and friends photographs work great too. It is better to have one or two big frames, rather than a dozen small ones. This makes they easier to clean and dust.

Adding Twist to your Furnitures

An apartment with a shoebox need not necessarily feel like one. Since room in a small home is a luxury, transforming furniture helps you make the most of it.

The transforming furniture, also known as multi-functional furniture, provides extra storage while preventing your apartment from looking cluttered.

Interestingly, most modern transforming furniture looks incredibly stylish as a bonus, so it’s a’ killing two birds with one stone’ scenario.

Placing Mirrors

When you are looking to breathe new life into a room, mirrors are great tools. We do a lot of things–we reflect light, they make spaces feel more open, and a trendy mirror usually just makes a room look better.

Also, a large mirror in a small room can add more depth to it, giving the illusion that the room is actually larger than it is!

When putting mirrors, always bear in mind what it will represent. You could hang a mirror on any free space on the wall, but anything that is reflected will place more importance on it.

Beautify with Nice Curtains

The curtains can add a different dimension to your house’s look. Go for colors that compliment what’s already in your room when choosing curtains.

If the room gets plenty of sunshine, it might be better to avoid bright colours, because they disappear quicker than darker ones. Choosing curtains in a lighter fabric for a tropical climate allows for breezes to pass through.

Wherever you hang your curtains also plays a part in how you feel about the room. If you want the impression of a higher ceiling in your house, you can hang the curtain panels over the actual window several inches above.

Check the Ceiling

Remember the ceiling too when painting your room. The general rule is that lighter-colored ceilings than the walls tend to feel higher, and darker ones feel lower.

Lower ceilings aren’t necessarily a bad thing-they can make a room feel more cozy and inviting.

Always remember how much light the room is going to receive. A bright ceiling makes it more airy when the room is well-lit, while a darker ceiling helps a room feel colder and richer.