As technology evolves, so, too, will the trends in every industry. Affiliate marketing has been deemed as a lost art, but that is actually not the case. If anything, it is continually evolving, which means that publishers would be wise to tweak their existing affiliate marketing strategies in Malaysia by incorporating the new trends.

Although, there are some emerging trends in affiliate marketing that you definitely need to know.

The Emergence of Voice Search

According to Google, mobile users are close to 63% of average internet uses, beating their desktop counterparts by a considerable margin. That being said, one of the best features that were implemented in smartphones and mobile devices is the voice search.

Amazon Alexa, Google Now, and Apple Siri are just some of the technologies that take advantage of voice recognition to conduct internet searches. Now, how will this affect affiliate marketers? Well, instead of focusing their efforts in making sure that their website ranks high in search engine results pages, they can still use SEO, but they have to utilize it in a way that will account for voice searches.

One way to do that would be to use more long-tail keywords as these are possible search terms that your users are most likely going to use.

The Regulation of Influencer Marketing

Social media influencers, especially those that post on Instagram, have produced amazing results in terms of affiliate marketing. That being said, for a time, it is unregulated, which means that so long as they are following a set structure, influencers can definitely help drive more traffic to their partner merchant’s websites.

However, with the creation of the GDPR, there is now a need to regulate influencer marketing. For instance, the GDPR mandates that every influencer must always state how they’re going to use the data that they’ve collected from their audience.

Further stipulations govern the use of influencer marketing, as well as things that are done online.

Mobile-First Initiative

Ever since mobile users have trumped their desktop counterparts, Google is now favoring websites that actually cater to smaller devices. That being said, it is important that you optimize your website in a way that handles content really well depending on the device being used to access it.

For instance, your content on the desktop should fit nicely when viewed on a mobile device. That means that people should never have the need to scroll content sideways.

You can check if your website is mobile-friendly by using different tools.

The Inclusion of More Media

Back in the day, affiliate marketers would have to rely solely on written content to help them embed affiliate links. However, that is no longer the case today as the rise of different forms of media is inevitable.

For instance, marketers can now use audio or visual content for their brand and product promotions. Podcasts are incredibly famous in this day and age and video content is only going to get better and better each and every year. It is best that you take advantage of these new content forms.