Have you been in a circumstance where you really wanted to sue someone you knew because they broke the agreement that you all made yet you didn’t have enough cash to hire a lawyer? Or any situations that against the law or you want to raise your rights but you can’t afford a lawyer?

And If ever you have been in the circumstances mentioned above or whatever other circumstances where you require an attorney, however, you couldn’t bear the cost of one. Fortunately, there are three (3) kinds of legal aid bodies in Malaysia where you can choose with – legal firm in Malaysia.

Three (3) Legal aid bodies:

First, Legal Aid Department that is financed by the legislature and handles certain criminal and some common cases.

Second, the Bar Council, it is secretly financed by individuals from the Bar and that could give legal aid for some areas of family, business law and those criminal cases.

And the last one is, National Legal Aid Foundation, this is for criminal cases only.

BEFORE THAT, there’s an important and a main thing you really need to know more about is that lawful guide is partitioned into two (2):

Legal advice –

which is free from each of the three legal aid providers in Malaysia and covers all areas of the law – this is when you get counsel from the lawyers with respect to the law. This may or may not continue to court

Legal representation –

which is accommodated sure regions of law and is subsidised – this is when your case goes to court and you delegate a lawyer to argue for your sake.

You need to pass these two (2) tests so as to meet all requirements for the legal aid

All of the providers employ the means test in Malaysia. This usually implies the mean test is to discover out if your money related capacities fall inside the important marks before it will be granted to you.

The benefits test is fundamentally where they are contemplating the benefits of the said case of yours so that it could see whether there are sensible grounds to grant you. It essentially implies if you are moving toward the legal aid bodies for assistance in Malaysia in a pointless case, you wouldn’t be granted help.