Are you thinking of establishing your own online business? Learning how to make money online
in Malaysia is tricky and challenging. Dealing with content, web design and optimization matters
can be overwhelming. But, before dealing with tons of content and marketing, you need to focus
on web hosting. Below are some of the most important things you should consider when
choosing an ecommerce hosting provider.

1. Reliability

Are you ready to deal with website downtime? You may experience it at some point, but you
need to try your best not to. Any type of website that loads slowly is useless. For ecommerce
websites, even just a few minutes of downtime can result to revenue loss. Thus, look for a
hosting services that has a score of 99.99%.

2. Speed

Assessing a web hosting provider’s speed means checking how quickly the content loads in your
readers’ browsers, no matter where they are located. If your website files are just on a single
server, your visitors would see slower page loading sessions. The solution? Distribute and store
your ecommerce website assets in a CDN, or content distribution network. A CDN distributes
the files throughout several data centers all over the world.

3. Scalability

Can you ecommerce website handle lots of traffic? What if the server falls over once it gets
plenty of requests? The core question when it comes to scalability is–what happens to your
online store once it gets so much traffic? The best companies handle this well by spinning gup
servers as the traffic ebbs and flows.

4. Security

If you are not yet familiar with website security, SSL and other security matters, now is the best
time to read more about it. Having an SSL certificate in your online shop means that the
communications between your website and people’s browsers are encrypted. This is crucial for
all websites that collect information in all forms.