1. Failure to include interesting facts

Make use of statistics and other important facts when writing blog posts. You can consider statistics as blogging tools that can help improve your content creation process. They are well-researched, factual details that will establish your authority in the field. Don’t forget to put links to your credible sources.

2. Not following a consistent blogging schedule

Prove to your readers that you are highly reliable, and can deliver quality information on a regular basis. To earn money through blogging in Malaysia, you should post blog content based on consistent schedule. This is an important step, since providing new content would keep your blog on the radar when Google spiders crawl the digital landscape for search results.

3. Not understanding their audience

One of the reasons why many bloggers struggle to gain new leads, and improve their readership is that because they don’t know who their audience is. Blogging means writing to a specific group. To make your routine easier and more fruitful, use Google Analytics. Its audience feature would help you study audience demographics to create better content.

4. Blogging about random topics

Selecting a blogging niche is crucial because having a focus can generate more leads and traffic.

However, you need to be careful in narrowing down your subjects. Choosing a niche that is too specific would not attract that much readers. The only exception is that if you provide advice to an expert-level audience, as well as highly specialized services.

5. Not following industry regulations

Some industries have certain rules regarding what you can, and what you cannot post online. This is true specifically for lawyers and doctors. If you are in one of these industries, see to it that you know what is permitted and what is not before posting. For instance, as a lawyer, you must offer general legal information, not legal advice.fearn