1. There are no tight or loose slots.

There is absolutely not true, since some slot machines have been set specifically for lower payouts. Basically, this implies that some of them are a bit looser or tighter compared to the others. Tighter slots usually target tourists.

2. Stuffing the slot machine with a lot money will result to a win.

This is one of the most common slot machines myths that leave players frustrated. A hundred spins wouldn’t guarantee a jackpot. If you hit the slot machine jackpot, it is because of mere luck.

3. The slot machine that you play at most frequently provides better chances of winning big.

The slot machine game is one of the most exciting online casino games in Thailand, and of course, many players want to win big. If you are playing at the same slot machine for quite a while now thinking that it offers better chances of winning big, then you are wrong. This is a misconception. Slot machine outcomes and spins are all independent.

4. Slot machines with higher denomination offer better payouts than the lower ones.

It’s true that payouts from higher denomination slots happen more frequently, but these payouts are a bit smaller compared to coin-denomination play. Remember that all slot machines, whether quarter slot or higher denomination, are designed with fix payouts. The higher your bet, the bigger the payout.

5. Slot machines will favor you if you are a member of the slot club.

This is a lie for so many reasons. It’s true that being a member of the slot club has benefits, but these benefits surely have nothing to do with higher payouts. Slot machines can’t tell you if you are using cards or coins, and thus, it can’t influence the results of the game.

6. For a slot machine to operate properly without stopping the payouts, a mechanic needs to open it regularly.

The only time slot machines must be opened is that time when the coins are being refilled. It has nothing to do with game play. The machine will restart once the coins have been added.