Do you think it’s time for you to upgrade to a dedicated hosting plan? If your online venture is
rapidly growing, then maybe it’s time for the big upgrade. Since you are gaining more sales and
traffic, you obvious need more control and resources.
Choosing a top web hosting company in Malaysia that offers reliable dedicated hosting services
can be a challenge. Thus, make sure to understand everything to avoid mistakes.


All web hosting companies provide troubleshooting support, even with its most basic hosting
plan. If you are getting a plan with limited support, see to it that you have a webmaster who can
address the problems, and make repairs.

Back Up Your Website Data

See to that you have a backup plan. A reputable host has reliable backup systems to make sure
that a failure in a single part of the system wouldn’t cause a significant loss of data.


Prioritize website security. With a dedicated hosting plan, and a managed hosting service can
execute efficient security protection. If you are planning to get a plan where you are solely
responsible for safety and security, it’s crucial to ensure that you have the necessary security
systems like firewall, DDoS protection, malware programs and anti-virus software. Don’t forget
to implement a security program to ensure the safe use of the server.

Hardware Requirements

For cost-efficiency reasons and other complex problems, it is important not to acquire too much
services ahead of time. If you are upgrading from a shared server to a dedicated one, identify
what you need first. You can just add more resources as you go along.


Dedicated hosting is a highly reliable way to host a website. It is, in fact, suitable for businesses
of all sizes. There are some pros and cons, though, and you must look into it before availing one.
What exactly do you need? What are the features you need to ensure a high-performing website?