Step #1: Gather all the keywords that certain web page is targeting.

Are you looking for a reliable SEO marketer in Malaysia? You better select someone who can help you deal with the most relevant, strongest keywords. The keywords you will use must share the same exact content.

Step #2: Know exactly what searchers are looking for online.

Know what your target readers are trying to accomplish. For instance, someone searched for red watches. What is it that they want? They want details about watches, different models, manufacturers, stores where to buy them, and the costs. These are the user intent behind these queries.

Step #3: Make a visual layout.

A visual layout would guide you in making your content more appealing for audiences. Where will you put your subheadings? In what part of the text do you want to put the most important key concepts? Where do you want to insert the callout box? How are you planning to address searcher intent on the web page on a visual manner?

Step #4: Include all the keywords on the content.

Write your content first, and then don’t forget to add all the keywords, related phrases, terms and top concepts. These details will help you improve SEO. It is highly recommended to write the entire content first, and then adding the keywords later on.

Step #5: Put links.

Links are important parts of every SEO strategy. After proofreading your writeup, it’s time to insert links from authoritative websites.