You’ve probably heard how a typical web host works. Hosting providers out there would usually have their own servers and these powerful machines are typically placed only on one spot.

Now, what does this mean? Well, it means that although performance is good across the board; people who are physically near the servers would have a much better service and overall performance than those that are located really far away.

Aside from the traditional web hosting setup, companies rarely have a crash plan. You see, servers are basically just powerful computers that operate on a daily basis. In ideal conditions, you shouldn’t turn them off and they will be running 24/7.

However, they must take into account the possibility of hardware failure among other risk factors as well. That is probably the biggest limitation to traditional web hosting.

So, what do companies have to do in order to solve this problem? Well, they would resort to cloud hosting, of course.

Read on to find out why getting the best cloud hosting company is the best thing that you can do.

What is Cloud Hosting?

As mentioned earlier, traditional web hosting is where providers will run their own servers and webmasters would utilize a portion of that space in order to have their websites up and running.

Unfortunately, it is severely limited in its capacity and such servers would run into a lot of problems such lack of disk space, congested servers due to high volumes of traffic, among many other things.

In order to solve these, hosting providers resort to establishing their own cloud servers. Think of these as servers that are intertwined together to provide one big service. So basically, you have multiple servers running at the same time in many different geographic locations.

So, whenever a server in, say the US goes down, there are servers in Europe and Asia that will handle the load. Essentially, your website is going to run all the time no matter what.

What other benefits does cloud hosting provide?


I mentioned earlier that geographic location and heavy traffic can congest the servers, thus resulting to poor performance.

Because cloud servers basically operate together, whenever a particular server gets congested, the traffic would be distributed to the other servers, meaning, you do not have to worry about speed problems any more.


Hosting providers nowadays can also provide outsourcing services to their clients as well. If you are running a large company and you want your website to be up and running all of the time, you can hire the service provider to manage everything for you. This can be done now since cloud hosting allows you to manage your website’s resources across multiple servers worldwide.

You Cannot Get Ripped-Off

One final advantage I am going to leave you with that pertains to cloud hosting is that it is virtually impossible for people to rip you off.

You see, to be able to establish or even maintain cloud services, you are going to need a lot of capital to do so. And, only people with enough capital to put up their own will have the capacity to run such a service, which is why if you are going for a cloud hosting service, you can rest assured that you are going to get pretty good services across the board.